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PhD and 3year-POSTDOC calls OPEN to come to University of Barcelona

Posted by , on 12 January 2023

Our lab is seeking PhD and POSTDOC candidates to apply to various calls that are NOW OPEN, so hurry up and do not miss any of these opportunities and contatct us ASAP if you are interested in the fields of Genomics, Embryo Development, Bioinformatics, Evolution and Molecular Ecology.

Our lab currently has different research lines ranging from muscle and heart development and the evolutionary impact of gene loss (see an example, as well as EcoEvoDevo investigations studying the genetic response of the defensome of marine embryos to environmental threats such as biotoxins produced by harmful algal blooms of diatoms in the context of global warming or the effect of noise contamination from human activities on embryo development of marine invertebrate species (see an example in

Our research focus on the study of the appendicularian tunicate specie Oikopleura dioica as our favourite animal model (see this “A day in our lab” post in the node and embryo microinjection, CRISPR, RNAi, DNAi, fluorescent and confocal imaging, RNAseq, ATACseq, population genomics and bioinformatics are among the techniques we use in our lab. Among candidate postdocs, experience in some of those techniques will positively considered, and specially candidates willing to develop new tools based on CRISPR, as well as candidates willing to develop single-cell omics approaches to Oikopleura dioica to address some of the topics we currently work in the lab or new questions that candidates might be interested.

For PhD, there are varios calls already open, so please contact us as soon as possible, since the dealine is very soon.

For POSTDOCS, there is a call for a 3-year position to be open next week (required to have defended the PhD between 1/1/2021 and 31/12/2022; 30.000 EUR/year), and some other calls are coming in the next moths, some including starting-grants.

CONTACT: Interested candidates, please send an email ASAP to Cristian Cañestro (, including a brief letter of interest, a brief CV, including list of publications with their impact, and technical skills all together in ONE single pdf file.

More info please visit our web:

Recent publication from our lab about massive gene losses and the deconstruction of the cardiopharyngeal gene regulatory network in appendicularians and the origin of the free-living and sessile styles in ancestral tunicates that was highlighted in the cover of nature
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