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the Node Calendar competition – vote here, vote now!

Posted by , on 14 May 2019

*Voting is closed and winners have been announced!*


Our call for images to fill our 2019-20 calendar was met with an amazing response – 62 entries showcasing the diverse beauty of developmental biology. Now it’s time for you vote for the 12 that will make it into print.

Because we want a range of organisms and styles in the calendar, and because picking 12 favourites from 62 is not the easiest task, we’ve decided to split the voting up into categories. Turns out 12 into 62 doesn’t go so well, and some categories were better represented than others, so we ended up with the following:


  • Mammals (vote for 2 out of 10)
  • Zebrafish (vote for 2 out of 8)
  • Vertebrate variety show (vote for 2 out 10)
  • Drosophila (vote for 2 out of 11)
  • Invertebrate variety show (vote for 2 out 11)
  • Plants, Fungi and Choanoflagellates (vote for 1 out of 7)
  • Art and Illustration (vote for 1 out of 5)


The cut offs are a little arbitrary but it’s the best scheme we could come up with. Inevitably, many beautiful images are going to miss out, but we hope the selection stands alone in showcasing the aesthetic side of research.

The pictures are arranged in galleries – click to expand the image and see the caption (there’s also a link to see the image full size). Below the galleries are independent polls to pick your favourites from each section. Both the galleries and the polls are arranged alphabetically by creator, and the poll text is the same as the file name (e.g. ‘Blin. mESC micropatterns’) which you can see below the caption. Please just vote once (well, twelve times!) – polls are set up to stop repeat voters by cookie.

Voting closes on Sunday 19 May 23:59 GMT


You can also let us know what your overall favourite is in the comments. Happy voting.


Mammals (Mus and Homo)



Please pick your favourite images

(please remember to pick 2)








Please pick your favourite images

(please remember to pick 2)




Vertebrate variety show



Please pick your favourite images

(please remember to pick 2)






Please pick your favourite images

(please remember to pick 2)



Invertebrate variety show



Please pick your favourite images

(please remember to pick 2)



Plants, Fungi and Choanoflagellates


Please pick your favourite image


Art and illustration



Please pick your favourite image



Thanks for voting – if you made an error, just email and we’ll correct the numbers!


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5 thoughts on “the Node Calendar competition – vote here, vote now!”

  1. Amazing images but super sad that 90% of the “diverse beauty of developmental biology” are images are all of such a tiny fraction of the tree of life :(

  2. @Nicola: Funny thing is, this lot doesn’t even include devbio stalwarts worms and frogs! These competitions are always a bit random depending on who hears about it in time to submit, who has an image handy, who is following us on Twitter etc., but it would definitely be great to expand representation beyond that tiny fraction of the tree


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