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Posted by , on 6 October 2016

September was notable for the amount of new jobs posted, from Kansas to Copenhagen to King’s College London, and PhD to tenure-track. Check out our jobs page for the latest opportunities. In case you missed them, here are some of our other monthly highlights:





Rui Monteiro and Tomasz Dobrzycki told us about where blood comes from and how it’s made.  Christopher Arnold and Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado wrote about the link between the microbiome and tissue regeneration in planaria.




The IRB in Barcelona highlighted new research, recently published in Development, on how changes in gene expression accompany morphological changes during evolution, and another paper on centrosomes and cell shape in the trachea. DMDD told us about a new gene expression profile tool for wild type mice, and we highlighted August’s preprints of interest in our continuing feature.


People and ideas


We continued our ‘People behind the papers’ series with Adam Johnston, who talked about his recent work on mouse digit tip regeneration and his new lab in Canada. We also featured an interview with Lewis Cantley from Disease Models and Mechanisms.


Life beyond the bench

A visual report from the Royal Society early career conference by Scriberian


reported from a Royal Society event for early career researchers on the future of science in the UK. Katherine Brown, executive editor of Development, introduced her recent interview with Retraction Watch on the changes to peer review that the journal is instigating.  Finally, Harrison Worrell wrote a report from a symposium celebrating 20 years since the birth of Dolly the sheep.


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