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This month on the Node- September 2013

Posted by , on 1 October 2013

September was a little bit more quiet than usual, but we still had many interesting posts. Here are the highlights!



F1.small– Gary examines a recent Science paper on the titration of replication factors in the Midblastula transition in Xenopus.

– Karuna followed up on a previous Node post by writing about her recent paper on identifying a protein that controls the positioning of squint RNA in the zebrafish embryo

– Nadia discussed her group’s recent paper on the role of fluid forces in epicardium morphogenesis.

– and Christele continued her Stem Cell Beauty blog by writing about a recent paper on the importance of insulin signalling in the development of ovarian stem cell niches.



Spotlight on the Woods Hole embryology course

– This year marks the 120th anniversary of the Woods Hole course, so we interviewed Professor Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, one of the current co-directors of the course.

– September also saw an exciting update on the Woods Hole competitions here on the Node, as this year’s last round featured 4 beautiful movies taken at the course. Many of you voted, and the big winner was the ascidian metamorphosis movie!

Woods Hole movie- Ascidian metamorphosis




– Development‘s Associate Reviews Editor (stem cells), Caroline Hendry, interviewed author and researcher Paul Knoepfler on his new book Stem cells- an Insider’s Guide’.

– while Teisha presented her new book  Biology Bytes: Digestible Essays on Stem Cells and Modern Medicine’.


Also on the Node
– Once again we summarised our best spots on science and (developmental) biology from around the internet in one post.



Happy Reading!

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