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Top Node posts of 2013

Posted by , on 6 January 2014


Happy new year everyone!

To wrap up 2013 we had a look at our stats to find what out which were the most popular posts of the last year. 2013 saw the usual varied mix of news, research, meeting and discussion posts, so there was a lot to read!



Most viewed posts:

1- There and back again– Kara’s account of returning to the bench after working as an editor

2- Overly honest methods– a collection of the best tweets with this popular hashtag

3- Where scientists fear to tread– Caroline’s account of how ‘alternative’ careers are perceived

4- Breakthrough Prize floors winners with sheer amount of money– Eva commented on this newly established prize

5- A website for Postdocs and PhDs– the PostPostDoc website


Best rated posts:

1- There and back again– not only the most viewed but also the best rated!

2- The end of Biology?– Thomas’ thought provoking piece discussing some of the issues of science

3- Cellular Reincarnation– A literary interpretation of cellular reprogramming

4- A day in the life of.. a zebrafish lab

5- An interview with Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado


Other highlights:

2013 was a year that saw many people writing about their research and discussing their recent papers. Some of the most popular research posts this year included Making sense of Wnt signaling and a post by the University of Chicago journal club on the limb-to-fin transition. As has been the case in the past, our image competitions, such as our stem cell image competition or those featuring images from the Woods Hole course, have been extremely popular.

This last year also saw the beginning of two new series on the Node. A day in the life provides an account of a typical day in developmental biology labs working on different model organisms, and we have already covered many of the classical model systems. Our outreach series has already provided many case studies of outreach, as well as activity suggestions that you can try in your own outreach projects. Both series are continuing in 2014, so keep an eye out for more posts! We also launched a photography competition as part of our current outreach series- do participate for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher!



The Node is your community blog, and could not exist without your participation. So a big thank you to all of you who wrote, commented, rated or simply read the Node posts in 2013. We look forward to another exciting year of developmental biology in 2014!



Image: Andrea Pavanello (wikimedia commons)

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