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Top Node posts of 2014

Posted by , on 5 January 2015

by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez, wikimedia commons
Happy new year everyone!

The last year saw the usual varied mix of news, research, meeting and discussion posts. We had a look at our stats to find the most popular posts of 2014:



Most viewed posts:

1- The secret to getting the postdoc you want– former SDB president Martin Chalfie shares his thoughts on how to apply for a postdoc.

2- In time of revision: of Wingless and morphogens– Alfonso Martinez-Árias posted this opinion piece in late 2013, but the discussion continued into 2014.

3- Dicty World Race 2014– Boston saw the search for the fastest Dicty Cell.

4- Outreach activity- extracting DNA from kiwi fruit– one of the several outreach activities suggested in the last year.

5- Out with the old, in with the new: reassessing morpholino knockdowns in light for genome editing technology


Best rated posts:

1- Green eggs and serrano ham– Mariana reported on her collaborative visit to Sevilla.

2- The secret to getting the postdoc you want– not only one of the most viewed but also one of the best rated posts of the year!

3- A day in the life of a shark lab

4- A day in the life of a turtle lab

5- When the mind is given wings…– the students of the 2014 Quintay Developmental Biology course share their experience.


Other highlights:

In 2014 there were many people writing about their research and new techniques. Some of the most popular research posts this year included GATA6 and the power of single cells, discussing a Developmental Cell paper, and the Colourful life of a fruit fly, introducing a technique for whole tissue labelling in Drosophila. In the top posts were also our always popular Woods Hole image competitions.

2014 also saw several new posts in our two series: our series on outreach projects and activities and ‘A day in the life‘, on the daily routine of working with different model organisms. These series are still ongoing, so expect more contributions soon!



The Node is your community blog, and could not exist without your participation. So a big thank you to all of you who wrote, commented, rated and read the Node posts in 2014. We look forward to another exciting year of developmental biology in 2015!



 Image by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez (wikimedia commons)

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