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One thought on “The people behind the papers – Qiang Shao, Stephanie Herrlinger & Jian-Fu (Jeff) Chen”

  1. Thank you so very much for your wonderful research!!!
    My miserable life has me drowning in so much stress from multiple sources that calorie restriction plus a nutritional diet is surely my best hope for regrowing my hair and gaining thicker hair shafts-as 6 months of 5% rogaine plus 0.1% topical progesterone twice daily and .5mg dustasteride twice daily have been of little help. My hair means so much to my dignity, confidence and self appreciation. My limited knowledge of the biological mechanisms at work which accelerate and reverse senescent cell growth is sufficient to appreciate how crucial a well designed CR diet is to success. Any further advice, assistance or referrals you may care to offer that may aide hair regrowth would be deeply appreciated.

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