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Matthew H. Kaufman (1942-2013) – mouse developmental anatomist

Posted by , on 7 October 2013

This post was first published in Development.   Jonathan Bard, long-time colleague and friend in Edinburgh, recalls the life and work of the mouse developmental anatomist Matt Kaufman, who died in ...

How Unique Are We?

Posted by , on 3 October 2013

Last week, The Company of Biologists hosted a workshop on “The Evolution of the Neocortex: How Unique are We?”. Some of the people who attended that meeting will be writing ...

A new facebook page for Development

Posted by , on 3 October 2013

Development is now on Facebook! The journal promotes many of its papers and other content not only via its home page and email alerts, but also via its Twitter account. We use ...

Echoes of Spallanzani

Posted by , on 3 October 2013

To the inspecting eyes of a budding scienziato the Reggian countryside was not simply teeming with life, it also posed myriad of intriguing questions. How do bug wings work and ...

A Day in the Life of…a Xenopus lab

Posted by , on 2 October 2013

  I am Gary McDowell, a postdoctoral researcher at Tufts Centre for Regenerative Biology and Developmental Biology.  I have just finished a postdoctoral position in a mass spectrometry lab at ...

‘A day in the life of…’ a new series on the Node!

Posted by , on 2 October 2013

To uncover the mysteries of development, developmental biologists use an amazingly wide range of systems – from cells in culture to live mouse embryos, and from classical model organisms to ...

This month on the Node- September 2013

Posted by , on 1 October 2013

September was a little bit more quiet than usual, but we still had many interesting posts. Here are the highlights!   Research – Gary examines a recent Science paper on the ...

In Development this week (Vol. 140, Issue 20)

Posted by , on 1 October 2013

Here are the highlights from the new issue of Development:   Coordinating stem cell and niche development The Drosophila ovary provides an accessible system for analysing the interactions between stem ...

Cellular Reincarnation

Posted by , on 1 October 2013

Stuck! Here I was trapped in this valley with no way out. And it was crowded here, with all of my fibers I sensed numerous peers condemned to a similar ...

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