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BSDB Gurdon Summer Studentship Report - Maciej Żurowski

Posted by , on 27 November 2021

My glimpse into systems biology I was introduced to the ideas of systems biology during my first year of Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. The interplay between modelling and data ...

The Marseille Developmental Biology Institute (IBDM) is recruiting group leaders

Posted by , on 24 November 2021

The IBDM is an internationally renowned research center in developmental biology that studies fundamental mechanisms governing the organization and function of biological systems, using multiscale approaches in a range of animal and cellular models. Research ...

Development presents... December webinar

Posted by , on 24 November 2021

For our final Development presents... webinar of 2021, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our zebrafish issue.

Essay series: Equity, diversity and inclusion in cell biology

Posted by , on 23 November 2021

Journal of Cell Science is pleased to invite submissions for the first JCS essay series. The theme is ‘Equity, diversity and inclusion in cell biology’, an important, relevant and timely ...

Development presents... November videos

Posted by , on 23 November 2021

On Wednesday 10 November, Development hosted three talks on stem cells and disease models. Below you’ll find each of the talks, plus a Q&A chaired by Development Editor James Wells. ...

Developing news

Posted by , on 23 November 2021

Welcome to our light-hearted look at the goings on in the world of developmental biology in the last two weeks (or so).

Making a Website and a YouTube Channel for the Lab

Posted by , on 19 November 2021

— A BSDB Gurdon Summer Studentship Report “You don’t need to be a professional ‘influencer’ to get your voice heard.” This summer, I finished an unusual project in a neurobiology ...

Genetics Unzipped: A menagerie of malignancy - Cancer across the animal kingdom

Posted by , on 18 November 2021

We find out how studying tumours across the animal kingdom, from naked mole rats to elephants, can reveal insights into cancer in our own species.

BSDB Gurdon Summer Studentship Report - Stephanie Leadbitter

Posted by , on 17 November 2021

Mechanical regulation of cell division in developing tissues: Speed Vs Strength During embryogenesis, dynamic mechanical forces act on developing tissues, inducing cellular mechano-responses. These changes in cellular behaviours such as ...

Canine Somatic Cell Reprogramming and Its Facilitation through Inhibition of Endogenous p53

Posted by , on 15 November 2021

Numerous efforts have been made to establish bona fide iPSCs from companion animals such dogs and cats. Generation of iPSCs from companion animals would provide useful unrestricted cell resources with a vast ...

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