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PhD Movie

Posted by , on 26 September 2011

Whether you’re familiar with the web comic or not, most of you will probably recognize your own current or past career as a graduate student in the new PHD Comics ...

The Cell – Finalist in the Labby awards – Please vote to help us win.

Posted by , on 16 June 2011

The Cell: An Image Library is honored to be named a finalist in the website Labby Awards. Please help us win this award and vote for us at the site ...

Embryonic development informs adult heart repair

Posted by , on 9 June 2011

After a heart attack, heart muscle is irreparably damaged, but a paper in Nature now reports that adult mouse hearts have a source of progenitor cells that can form new ...

iBioMagazine - Breakthroughs in Genetics

Posted by , on 18 April 2011

iBioMagazine is a quarterly web magazine featuring videos by some top scientists in the life sciences. The videos are aimed at students, and cover scientific topics as well as information ...

A new view on eye development

Posted by , on 7 April 2011

You’ve seen the news: ES cells generate a 3D retinal structure. But what does this tell us about eye development? In the developing embryo, the first step toward a functional ...

A walk in the park is a walk amongst development

Posted by , on 10 March 2011

[updated 25/3/2011] Video was temporarily removed from Vimeo. Will repost it when it’s back up.

First cover image winner: sea urchin

Posted by , on 8 March 2011

Congratulations to Sarah A. Elliott (University of Utah) and Nobuo Ueda (University of Queensland), whose image of a sea urchin eating seaweed will appear on a cover of Development later ...

A Lab Murder Mystery

Posted by , on 18 February 2011

“A researcher is found dead hunched over her lab bench, and seven suspects are in custody. Now it’s up to 30 high school students to determine who killed her.” To quote ...

If Animals Could Speak

Posted by , on 17 February 2011

I’ve no doubt that this is what they’d say: Or maybe this is what they really sound like and Sir David Attenborough refused to share this with us on the BBC. ...

Double bill: Bringin' Stickleback / Bad Project

Posted by , on 24 January 2011

Is this Monday not quite giving you the results you were hoping for? Cheer up with a few science music videos. This one, “Bad Project”, is being emailed around rapidly ...

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