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Our 2018 highlights

Posted by , on 20 December 2018

2018 was a fun year on the Node, with a continued diversity of posts, more jobs than ever and our highest number of readers since our launch (regularly breaking the 30k page views per month barrier). Good vibes, and a good time to celebrate our most-read from the year, which includes three posts on statistics and data visualisation by Joachim Goedhart, a cover competition and a group ‘op-ed’ about the advantages of preprints.



Make a difference: the alternative for p-values

By Joachim Goedhart



Vote for a Development cover from the Quintay International Course on Developmental Biology

Soraya Villaseca’s Drosophila embryo won the vote



Visualizing data with R/ggplot2 – It’s about time

By Joachim Goedhart



Preprints promote transparency and communication

By Carmen Adriaens, Gautam Dey, Amanda Haage, Wouter Masselink, Sundar Ram Naganathan, Lauren Neves, Teresa Rayon, Samantha Seah, Srivats Venkataramanan.

This piece by a collection of early career researchers and members of the preLights team was written in response to an article in Nature. 



December in preprints

Our monthly collection of developmental biology (and related) preprints continued to be well read



Showing distributions

By Helena Jambor



Prevent p-value parroting

By Joachim Goedhart



The reported birth of CRISPR-edited humans: reactions from the field

We gathered reactions from developmental biologists, reproductive biologists and ethicists to one of the year’s biggest and most controversial science stories



The people behind the papers – Anjali Rao & Carole LaBonne



Sensing and making sense of clonal fragmentation in developing tissues

By Steffen Rulands and Benjamin Simons



Thanks for reading!

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