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EuroStemCell: latest news and what next?

Posted by , on 25 June 2012

EuroStemCell is an EU-funded project focussed on public engagement with stem cell and regenerative medicine research. For the latest news on what we’re doing and major issues affecting the field, ...

Meeting Report - The 4th Young Embryologist Meeting

Posted by , on 23 June 2012

The Young Embryologist Network (or YEN for short) held its fourth annual meeting this year on the 1st June. The conference began as a small afternoon gathering in a lecture ...

Hope Beyond Hype: A graphic story of stem cells from discovery to therapy

Posted by , on 22 June 2012

  “The strangest discoveries can end up saving lives… like the discovery that skin could be grown in a dish”; so starts an inventive 16 page graphic story that tells ...

The Emperor at ISSCR

Posted by , on 21 June 2012

Friday at the ISSCR began with a session on the epigenetics of stem cells chaired by a familiar face; Sir Ian Wilmut, of Dolly the sheep fame. These talks focused ...

Reminder: Essay Competition

Posted by , on 20 June 2012

Less than two weeks to go until the deadline for our essay competition! How is it going? Have you finished your first draft? If you haven’t started yet, you still ...

Ribbon worm wins cover competition

Posted by , on 20 June 2012

The winner of the last round of cover image voting is this widefield image of a pilidium larvae of the Nemertean ribbon worm, Cerebratulus lacteus. The image was taken by ...

Chick Meeting - Registration now open

Posted by , on 20 June 2012

Registration for the Seventh International Chick meeting, ‘Chick 7: Avian Model Systems’, to be held in Nagoya, Japan in November 2012, is now open. Please visit the chick meeting homepage ...

Fast times at MBL

Posted by , on 19 June 2012

Sitting down to write this reflection, it struck me that I couldn’t believe it has really been two weeks since I arrived in the quiet town of Woods Hole, MA ...

Two post-doc positions to investigate wound repair and inflammation in Drosophila

Posted by , on 19 June 2012

We are pleased to announce a call for applications for two MRC-funded postdoctoral researcher positions to investigate mechanisms of wound healing and inflammation in Drosophila embryos.  These positions in the ...

Is the end of EU embryonic stem cell funding nigh?

Posted by , on 18 June 2012

Patient associations and leading research funders have called on the European Parliament to continue EU funding for embryonic stem cell research. The Wellcome Trust issued the group’s joint statement last ...

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