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This month on the Node- August 2013

Posted by , on 31 August 2013

August might be the month when most people go on holidays, but the Node was still full of activity! Here are some of the highlights:



29 days old embryo – Stefano de Renzis wrote about his recent paper using powerful microscopy techniques to study the role of endocytosis in morphogenesis.

– Tatsuya posted on what is like working with turtles and the background to his paper on the evolution of turtle carapaces.

– Gary discussed a new paper using X-ray tomography and synchrotron radiation to study gastrulation in frogs.

– and Christele started her ‘Stem Cell Beauty’ blog, in collaboration with EuroStemCell, by choosing a great image from a paper describing how to make hepatocytes in vitro.



Marianne Bronner photo croppedThis month saw two new interviews on the Node:

– An interview with NIMR developmental neurobiologist and new editor of Development, François Guillemot, focused on his career, research and his lab’s future move to the Crick Institute.

– while the Node interviewed Marianne Bronner at the ISDB meeting, and asked her about her fascination for the neural crest and  her passion for mentoring.




– Mario introduced his new software silicoCROSS, which may make your genetic cross writing that little bit easier.

– while Florian described E-CRISP, a software that allows the design of CRISPR constructs in 8 different organisms.


Also on the Node:

Hayes and Jagessar Chaffer– Patricia chose her favourite Biology TED talks– a great selection!

– Caroline examined how ‘alternative’ careers are perceived in science, by discussing the reactions of people around her to her decision to leave the bench for a career as a reviews editor at Development.

– and check out the jobs page for the several new positions advertised this month.


Node news:

– The Company of Biologists, the non-for-profit company behind Development and the Node, launched its YouTube channel– check it out for some amazing research movies!

– the Node summarised the best (developmental) biology content spotted on the internet this month- look out for more great internet content on the Node in the future!

– and we revealed the new Node postcards, which you will be able to collect in future conferences!


Node postcards 2

Happy reading!

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