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The Node postcards!

Posted by , on 30 August 2013

Here at the Node we are very excited about our new conference giveaway- the Node postcards! We have selected a set of 4 beautiful images that have featured in the Woods Hole image competitions in the last few years: the dwarf cuttlefish, the E10.5 mouse embryo, the bat skeleton preparation and the set of Drosophila embryos. And they are not just pretty pictures- the postcards have space at the back where you can write your message, although you might want to follow the lead of the Node team and use them to decorate your desk!

Node postcards 2


We hope that you like our selection, and that you will collect the postcards at the Company of Biologists stand in your next conference! And don’t forget to also collect the Node tea bags, and have a tea break on us!


Node postcards 4

Node postcards 3


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