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This month on the Node- June 2014

Posted by , on 1 July 2014

Node 4th birthday


This month the Node celebrated its fourth birthday! Here are some of the other highlights:





Embryo electroporation2– Kevin Chalut wrote about his recent paper  at the crossroads of biology and physics, where he shows that the nucleus of ES cells exiting pluripotency have an unusual physical property.

– How is the primitive streak formed? Octavian discussed his eLife paper

– Elsa and Aitana described a new embryo electroporation method that allows higher efficiency rates and reduces cell damage, published in Development

– And Thomas gave his perspective on past and current work on the evolution and mechanisms of segmentation.



Meeting reports:

– Juan attended the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists, which took place in Nagoya last month.

– A mix of lectures, practicals and community building featured at the latest Master Course on Bioimage Data Analysis.

– We had the pleasure to host two posts by high school bloggers who attended this year’s ISSCR meeting in Vancouver (here and here).

– And Angelo shared his reflections on the Woods Hole Embryology Course, where he has taught for the last 6 years.


Photo Cred: Stem Cell Network

 Photo Cred: Stem Cell Network


 Also on the Node:

P Ingham– From trithorax to hedgehog, from Drosophila to zebrafish: read our interview with this year’s Waddington Medal winner Phil Ingham.

– Did you know that there is a model organism used in developmental biology that needs artificial moonlight? Read ‘A day in the life of a Platynereis dumerilii lab‘ to find out more!

– Developmental biologist Julian Lewis sadly passed away last April. We reposted an obituary by Paul Martin and David Ish-Horowicz looking back on his life and work.

– And Megan shared her tips on how you should prepare your application for a postdoc or lectureship position.


Happy reading!


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