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This month on the Node- September 2014

Posted by , on 1 October 2014

Here are some of the highlights for September:


bessonnard embryoResearch:

– Sylvain discussed his recent Development paper on the tristable regulatory network behind cell fate decisions in the early embryo.

– Aryeh wrote about his research on spontaneous patterning of human ES cells, recently published in Nature Methods (he is also hiring a postdoc!).

– and Christelle highlighted a recent paper on the role of Runx1 in the haematopoietic lineage.


Meeting reports:

– Denise went to the annual meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology.

– Gary shared his thoughts on the recent Xenopus meeting in sunny California.

– and Danielle and Gi Fay reported from the joint Autumn meeting of the British Societies for Developmental Biology and Matrix Biology.


Seattle coffee SDB


Future of Research Symposium:

A group of postdocs in the Boston area are organising a symposium to discuss what should change to make science better. A series of posts examines some of the issues that will be discussed:

    – How should scientists be trained?

    – Workforce structure– are there too many postdocs?

    – Metrics and Incentives

    – Is the level of funding appropriate?


AsilomarAlso on the Node:

– Joana asked for advice on designing ChIP primers.

– What do you think makes a perfect conference venue?

– And we reposted a Development editorial, on the ethical issues frequently encountered by the journal.




Happy reading!

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