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Want to attend Adult Neurogenesis 2015? Go as the official meeting reporter…

Posted by , on 12 January 2015

Adult Neurogenesis: Evolution, Regulation and Function
May 6-8, 2015 – Dresden, Germany


Dresden landscape 140x170 (website)

2015 is the 50th anniversary of Joseph Altman’s landmark discovery of adult neurogenesis. To celebrate, the fourth conference in Abcam’s Adult Neurogenesis meeting series this meeting will put the developmental process of adult neurogenesis and its regulation into the wider context of its functional and presumed evolutionary relevance. Hosted by the Center for Regenerative Therapies in Dresden, Germany on May 6-8, 2015, this conference offers opportunities for participants to hear the latest news and developments, present their work, take part in discussions and to network with colleagues from around the world.


Free registration for grabs!
Abcam and the Node are looking for an official meeting reporter to attend this meeting. The Reporter will be responsible for providing regular updates of interesting talks/discussions for social media posts (by Abcam), plus a meeting report of their experience and the sights and sounds of the meeting (for publishing on The Node and Abcam website).

To apply to be the meeting reporter, please send a short paragraph (max. 200 words) to, letting let us know why you’re are the best scientist for the job! Application deadline: March 26, 2015. The winner will receive free registration to the meeting (travel and accommodation not included).


Meeting information:

Organizer:  Gerd Kempermann (Center for Regenerative Therapies TU Dresden, Germany)

Keynote speaker:  Fred Gage (Salk Institute, US)

Confirmed speakers:  Nora Abrous , Irmgard Amrein, Benedikt Berninger, Federico Calegari, Paul Frankland, Jonas Frisen, Wieland Huttner, Sebastian Jessberger, Caghan Kizil, Paul Manger, Ana Martin-Viallalba, Hannah Monyer, Hongjun Song

Call for abstracts:  Participants are invited to submit abstracts and a number these will be selected for short talk and poster presentations. Abstracts can be submitted during online registration.

Important dates:
•  February 9, 2015:   Early bird registration and oral abstract submission
•  March 26, 2015:  Standard registration and poster abstract submission



*9th April*

Congratulations to our meeting reporter competition winner!

GovindCongratulations to Nambirajan Govindarajan, winner of The Node/Abcam meeting reporter competition. Nambirajan has won free registration to Adult Neurogenesis: Evolution, Regulation and Function (May 6-8, 2015 in Dresden, Germany) and he will be posting, tweeting from the meeting as well as providing a full report after the meeting (available on the Node and Abcam website).

Nambirajan is a postdoctoral fellow at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). Find out more about Nambirajan’s background and what he is most looking forward to at the meeting on the Abcam website.

To keep up with the what is happening and being discussed at the meeting by following Abcam on Facebook (link) and Twitter (link).


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4 thoughts on “Want to attend Adult Neurogenesis 2015? Go as the official meeting reporter…”

  1. you will find me a great official reporter for this meeting:
    1) I am a neuroscientist, MD and PhD;
    2) familiar with the topic;
    3) very “greedy” for the information in the field;
    4) very generous, lavish and opened to share and transfer the information;
    5) I am a great provocateur for a discussion….

    1. Hi Ludmila,

      Thank you for your interest in being the official reporter for this meeting! Could you email your paragraph to They are coordinating the applications. Thanks!

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