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Scientific Presentations: Your Guide to Not Boring Your Audience to Death

Posted by , on 28 October 2022

5 simple tips to make sure people love rather than loathe your next presentation. All too often you find yourself in the audience, watching a scientific presentation with a fully-scrunched ...

Mouse lines generated by the MRC Genome Editing Mice for Medicine programme: a case study

Posted by , on 28 October 2022

By David Christensen At the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell we have our 10th Genome Editing Mice for Medicine (GEMM) call open and accepting applications, so we decided it ...

Protocols for data visualization

Posted by , on 27 October 2022

Scientists are familiar with protocols that describe in a step-by-step fashion how an experiment is performed. But they are usually less familiar with code or scripts for handling data. Yet, ...

Development presents... modelling development in vitro - videos

Posted by , on 26 October 2022

On Tuesday 11 October, Development hosted three talks on the topic of our latest Special Issue, Modelling Development In Vitro. Click here to find each of the talks and Q&As, ...

Developing news

Posted by , on 25 October 2022

This week, #SciTwitter has been focussed on discussions around publishing, starting with prestige-signalling, followed by a big announcement from eLife, which received mixed reactions on Twitter.

The 2nd Crick-Beddington Developmental Biology Symposium: Meeting Summary

Posted by , on 20 October 2022

The 2nd Crick-Beddington Developmental Biology Symposium took place at The Francis Crick Institute between 9-10 October 2022. The hybrid symposium was generously funded by the MRC Rosa Beddington fund, which ...

Genetics Unzipped: Past to present - Searching for evolutionary stories in ancient DNA

Posted by , on 20 October 2022

In the latest episode of the Genetics Unzipped podcast, we’re exploring what we can discover about our evolution from our DNA, and what evolutionary secrets might be contained in the ...

Development presents... From Stem Cells to Human Development - videos

Posted by , on 19 October 2022

On Monday 12 September, we livestreamed a session from our meeting ‘From Stem Cells to Human Development’, as part of our Development presents… webinar series. Below you can find the ...

Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Cardiac Developmental Biology

Posted by , on 18 October 2022

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Scientist to join A/Prof Duncan Sparrow’s laboratory at the University of Oxford to work on a project using mouse models to investigate environmental ...

Developing news

Posted by , on 18 October 2022

Twitter has felt a little quieter on the #devbio front these past two weeks, perhaps in anticipation of the long awaited #ISDB2021, which kicked off this Sunday. If you have ...

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