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Featured resources

Featured resources

A series in which we highlight some of the key resources that keep the research-world going around.

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The Single-Cell Ninjas Platform: Sharing is caring!

Posted by , on 7 March 2022

The Single-Cell Ninjas platform aims to share knowledge about single-cell technology with the scientific community.

Featured resource: Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank

Posted by , on 31 January 2022

Find out more about the Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank with Doug Houston

Featured Resource: the Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN)

Posted by , on 17 December 2021

For our third article, Yvonne Bradford and Leyla Ruzicka tell us about the work of ZFIN. Read on to find out a little about the history of ZFIN, the …

Featured Resource: @ZebrafishRock run by Kevin Thiessen

Posted by , on 8 December 2021

For the second article in our ‘Featured Rseource’ series, we interviewed Kevin Thiessen, the person behind the twitter account @ZebrafishRock.

Featured resource: The National Avian Research Facility, UK

Posted by , on 9 November 2021

Doing great science depends on teamwork, whether this is within the lab or in collaboration with other labs. However, sometimes the resources that support our work can be overlooked.

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