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From the archives: Dealing with data

Posted by , on 2 September 2021

With a new academic year upon us, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to highlight some older content on the Node that, we hope, will help your year be a successful one.

The topic of this post is dealing with data.  

Upstream of analysing data is making a record of your experiment. You can find out The Pros and Cons of having an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) here on the Node. The article also includes a link to five popular ELNs, updated in 2020

We have collected below, a series of ‘how to’ guides from Joachim Goedhart, Helena Jambor, Jonas Hartmann and Steph Nowotarski covering organising, visualising and analysing data.

Once you have followed all the tips below, you are ready to present your data to the community. Helena tells us how to make a graphical abstract and how to win a poster prize (or how to make an impactful poster!)

If you have a ‘how to’ guide you would like to share, please get in touch or feel free to post it directly onto the Node. Details of how to register with the Node can be found here. You can contact us at

| How to organise your data

| Visualising data – dos and don’ts

| How to pick your colour scheme

| How and when to use p-values and what are the alternatives

| Dealing with microscopy data

Helena, Joachim and Jonas offer guides into presenting and analysing microscopy data

| Organising with ontologies

In a recent post, Steph Nowotarski takes us through why and how you should organise your data in an ontology

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