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The people behind the papers evolves into print

Posted by , on 22 November 2018

For the last two years, our interview series ‘The people behind the papers‘ has showcased the faces of developmental biology, and we’re excited to announce that the series will now also be printed in Development.

The first ‘paper’ interview is with Chaitanya Dingare and Virginie Lecaudey, first and last authors of a paper reporting a surprising link between the Hippo pathway and zebrafish fertilisation.

Before we put that one up on the Node, we thought we’d look back on the people we’ve met so far….


Our interviewees so far



Martin Beck, Yannick Schwab, Nicole Schrieber & Paolo Ronchi

EMBL, Heidelberg


Thomas Lozito

University of Pittsburgh


Kristen Koenig & Jeffrey Gross

University of Pittsburgh and Harvard


Adam Johnston

Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and University of Prince Edward Island


Joseph Pickering & Matthew Towers

University of Sheffield


James Nichols

University of Oregon and University of Colorado Denver


Amelia Joy Thompson, Sarah K Foster & Kristian Franze

University of Cambridge


Fernando Ferreira & Min Zhao

University of California Davis


Andrew Schiffmacher & Lisa Taneyhill

University of Maryland


Miguel Brun-Usan & Isaac Salazar-Ciudad

University of Helsinki


Ehsan Pourkarimi & Iestyn Whitehouse

Sloan Kettering Institute, New York


Nicolas Macaisne & J. Mark Cock

Station Biologique de Roscoff, Brittany


Philippe Foerster & Nathalie Spassky

Institut de Biologie de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris


Rute Tomaz & Véronique Azuara

Imperial College London


Matthias Tisler & Martin Blum

Hohenheim UniversityGermany.


Holly Voges, Enzo Porrello & James Hudson

University of Queensland


Thanh Vuong-Brender & Michel Labouesse

Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine


Dae Seok Eom & David Parichy

University of Virginia


Adam Davis, Nirav Amin & Nanette Nascone-Yoder

North Carolina State University


Jun-Ho Ha, Hyo-Jun Lee and Chung-Mo Park

Seoul National University


Gabriel Krens & Carl-Philipp Heisenberg

Institute of Science and Technology in Klosterneuburg, Austria


Lijun Chi & Paul Delgado-Olguin

Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto


Kimberly McArthur & Joseph Fetcho

Cornell University


Ivette Olivares-Castiñeira & Marta Llimargas

Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona


Giri Dahal, Sarala Pradhan & Emily Bates

University of Colorado Denver


Alaa Hachem & John Parrington

University of Oxford


Diane Shakes, André Pires-daSilva, Gunar Fabig, Thomas Müller-Reichert & Jessica Feldman

The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, University of Warwick, UK, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, Stanford University, CA


Dan Dickinson

UNC Chapel Hill and University of Texas


Simon Lane & Keith Jones

University of Southampton


Sabrina Jan, Tinke Vormer, Sjoerd Repping & Ans MM van Pelt

The University of Amsterdam


David Turner & Peter Baillie-Johnson

University of Cambridge


Qiang Shao, Stephanie Herrlinger & Jian-Fu (Jeff) Chen

University of Southern California


Ross Carter, Yara Sánchez-Corrales, Verônica Grieneisen & Athanasius (Stan) Marée

John Innes Centre, UK


Alok Javali, Aritra Misra & Ramkumar Sambasivan

Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in Bengaluru, India


Chloé Dominici & Alain Chédotal

Institut de la Vision in Paris


Marina Matsumiya & Ryoichiro Kageyama

Kyoto University


You Wu & Mineko Kengaku

Kyoto University


Rémi-Xavier Coux & Ruth Lehmann

New York University


Jinjin Zhu & Justin Kumar

Indiana University


Sa Geng & James Umen

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, Missouri


Samira Benhamouche-Trouillet, Evan O’Loughlin & Andrea McClatchey

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Centre


Cathy Pichol-Thievend, Natasha Harvey & Mathias Francois

University of South Australia and University of Queensland


Pauline Anne & Christian Hardtke

University of Lausanne, Switzerland


Kana Ishimatsu, Tom Hiscock & Sean Megason

Harvard Medical School


Martina Nagel & Rudolf Winklbauer

University of Toronto


Ximena Anleu Gil & Dominique Bergmann

Stanford University, CA


Takanori Wakatake & Ken Shirasu

RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science in Yokohama


Anjali Rao & Carole LaBonne

Northwestern University, IL


Jaqueline Kinold & Hermann Aberle

Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf


Guillaume Blin, Manuel Thery & Sally Lowell

University of Edinburgh, Université
Grenoble-Alpes and Paris Diderot


Joe Shawky & Lance Davidson

University of Pittsburgh


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